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Dr. José Guadalupe Hernández.
Vanderbilt University.
Neurofeedback and Psychology Specialist.

C. Mision de Sto. Tomas #2993. Office #201. Zona Rio.
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico.
Mobile: +52 (664)217-1694
Landline: +52 (664)634-2227
Tel (USA): (619) 737-8983

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Neurofeedback training is a learning process and, therefore, the results are seen gradually over time. One can see that initial progress is achieved within the first ten sessions, in most conditions. The initial goals of treatment can be achieved in twenty sessions, time in which they are applying the initial retests. In the case of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, it is expected to reach 40 treatment sessions, or even more in severe cases of this syndrome. Bruxism can be eradicated in twenty sessions. Some symptoms associated with head injuries, often respond with less than 20 sessions (sleep quality, fatigue, chronic pain), while other conditions may require longer training before they show an initial response (memory function for instance).  
No. The training does not alter the basic personality. However, once the patterns of behavior are regulated (as hyperactivity and other problems) an improvement in intrinsic personality will become more apparent. For example, at first it might be difficult to stop associating irritability, anger, or cruelty to the personality of an individual. However, after that behavior goes away, it will become evident that such behavior was never really a part of the intrinsic personality of the individual.  
Of course. Businessmen, athletes, musicians, artists and individuals from all areas of life, also use Neurofeedback to optimize performance and enhance creativity. Some potential benefits include the following: Increased productivity. Improving self-esteem. Increased joy in daily living. Reduction of stress and anxiety.
The program combines technology with a unique treatment protocol that rarely produces results obtained with other forms of therapy. It goes beyond the traditional programs of stress management to produce beneficial changes in personality characteristics and also appears to produce beneficial effects on brain chemistry. Additionally, many patients who have taken this training have come to decrease (with permission from their doctors) use of psychotropic medications.  
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