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Dr. José Guadalupe Hernández.
Vanderbilt University.
Neurofeedback and Psychology Specialist.

C. Mision de Sto. Tomas #2993. Office #201. Zona Rio.
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico.
Mobile: +52 (664)217-1694
Landline: +52 (664)634-2227
Tel (USA): (619) 737-8983

Neurofeedback ∙ Neurotherapy ∙ PTSD ∙ ADHD ∙ Couple therapy ∙ Family therapy ∙ Counseling ∙ Addictions treatment ∙ Vocational orientation ∙ Clinical Psychology ∙ Psychologist ∙ Autism ∙ Attention deficit ∙ Anxiety ∙ Depression
Neurofeedback (also known as Neurotherapy) is a learning strategy that enables a person to normalize non-regulated waves of his brain and to create a desired change in both the behavior and in mental functioning. Just as the body can heal by itself, also a wide range of behavioral disorders can be handled by enhancing certain brain functions. Neurofeedback is an abbreviation for "Neural Feedback". Under the premise that feedback is a mechanism that accelerates learning, this concept is applied to accelerate behavioral patterns and improving overall neurological performance. That's why it is also known as Neurotherapy.  
Neurofeedback is used for many conditions and disabilities in which the brain is not working as well as it should. Neurofeedback is a program suitable for people who have any of these conditions: Anxiety and other disorders related to stress. Certain types of depression and mood disturbances. Addiction to drugs, alcohol and food. Symptoms of menopause. Panic disorders. Peak Performance: for athletes, artists and businessmen. Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS). Emotional consequences of events and losses in life (post-traumatic stress syndrome). ... and others.
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